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Who We Are

Air is Art is an association focused on the fusion between sustainable art and cultural communities, aimed at promoting and increasing awareness on the important issue of air quality through the creation of murals and other kinds of artworks.

We dedicate ourselves with passion and commitment to the development and support of emerging artists, who want to try using the revolutionary technology called Airlite, a paint capable of purifying the air we breathe.

Painting 100 m² of surface with Airlite is equivalent to planting 100 m² of tall trees.

Air is Art is also happy to be able to count among its collaborations many artists of national and international fame, engaged with us in projects that bring the social value of eco-art to the world.

A unique innovation

The air we breathe determines the quality and duration of our life. Diseases are on the rise and around 7 million deaths worldwide every year due to pollution not only outside, but also inside homes, caused by substances contained in paints, detergents, furniture and cosmetics.

At Air is Art we only use Airlite, a revolutionary technology that is applied like a simple interior paint, offers an innovative and affordable solution to the problem of air quality. Activating only with the energy of light, it interacts with the polluting molecules, purifying the air in a natural way.

Tests conducted in independent laboratories show that Airlite reduces air pollution by up to 88.8%, eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses (also the Human Coronavirus), repels dust and dirt in the air, neutralizes odors and contributes to the reduction of CO2.

100 sqm painted with Airlite have the same purifying effect of 100 sqm of forest!

Make art, as in the ancient times

During the ancient period, the Romans, Greeks and Phoenicians had studied different methods and materials to obtain, directly from nature, pigments capable of giving color to their works of art. For example, they obtained white from clay, red from cooked lead, black from coal, green from malachite and so many other pigments found life after processes of transformation and manipulation.
Airlite has created, directly from elements of completely natural origin, a color palette consisting of 180 colors. The pigments that create each of the shades of the Airlite palette are dosed, weighed and mixed by hand in the Airlite laboratories.


100% Natural and truly VOC Free, Airlite neutralizes pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and dioxide by up to 88.8%, restoring the air to its state of purity.

In a world populated by superbugs, constantly changing microbes and scary viruses, Airlite helps you stay healthy by eliminating germs and viruses from all the spaces you visit every day.

Airlite attracts the water molecules present in the air, creating an invisible protective film on the walls that prevents dust and dirt from sticking.

Airlite effectively reduces the amount of solar heat absorbed by buildings, so you can save up to 30% on building air conditioning costs and, at the same time, protect the environment.

Airlite eliminates odors without using filters, deodorants, simply by disintegrating malodorous molecules.

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